Working Wednesday: Anne Anderson

Working Wednesday: Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson is a sophomore majoring in International Studies and double minoring in Jewish Studies and Political Science. And if her course load isn’t enough to impress you, the fact that she has a part-time job AND an internship should.

Anne works for Bloomington Bagel Co. while also interning as in the marketing department of JoyRun Startup. Her two jobs really emphasize her teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, communication, organizational, interpersonal, self-monitoring, project management, and a whole host of other skills.

“[When] working in food, you have to have to have good interpersonal, organizational, and personal motivational [skills] in order to get along with your coworkers and maximize success during a shift,” she told us.

“Project management and self-monitoring will help me get a job in the future because employers are looking for people who can work within a timeline as well as people who are aware of their surroundings and [can] react accordingly, especially in high stress situations.”

Anne enjoys working in her internship because it relates to the kind of work she wants to do in the world. She gets to experience challenging situations that push her to be better.

After graduation, Anne is going to Greece to volunteer at refugee camps. This falls right into experience she dreams of using as a future diplomat. She wants to work within refugee camps around the world to make them more livable. And in 10 years, Anne sees herself travelling and learning about the various cultures across the globe while helping anyway she can.

Good luck, Anne! We’re excited to see how you impact the world.