Working Wednesday: Christian Luna

Working Wednesday: Christian Luna

Christian Luna is a sophomore in the Media School majoring in Media and minoring in Sports Media. But, he’s also a part-time student worker for Menards as one of their morning stockers!

Working for Menards enables Christian to work on his teamwork and service orientation skills.

“I work with different kinds of people each day that either help me complete tasks I wouldn’t be able to on my own or vice versa. [And] since I work in retail, I’m always helping guests find the items they need.”

And we can tell you from experience that retail really does teach you valuable transferable skills! Christian is gaining important usable skills, but he also enjoys working for Menards. His co-workers are great and work is always giving him a “different perspective and angle” on the things he does.

After Christian graduates, he plans on going immediately into the work force, so his transition into the media industry is as seamless as possible. His dream job is to “work in Bristol, Connecticut or LA for ESPN as a production hand.”

We have no doubt that the Media School will prepare you well and you’ll be making a splash in the Media industry before you know it.

Good luck!