Working Wednesday: Delaney Frye

Working Wednesday: Delaney Frye

Name: Delaney Frye

Year + Major: Senior, Major: Law & Public Policy, Minor: Environmental Management and International Studies

Part-time Job + Company: Box Office Clerk at the IU Auditorium

What do you like about your job? I love the people I work with at the Box Office. We are all really close, and that makes going to work very enjoyable.

What transferable skills are you gaining? Team work, Organization, Time management, Verbal communication, Personal development, Multi-tasking

Why do you suggest other students get part-time jobs while at school? Working a part time job while you are a student is a great way to work on your time management and organizational skills, while also making yourself more financially independent and responsible.

What else are you involved with on-campus? I am a member of the Global Student Seven, the Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Global and International Studies. I am also a part of Amal Outreach for Displaced Peoples, a student organization that advocates for and supports refugees.

Post-graduation Plans: I plan to work for two or three years and then attend law school.