Working Wednesday: Hayley Curtsinger

Working Wednesday: Hayley Curtsinger

Hayley Curtsinger is a freshman majoring in Human Development & Family Studies and minoring in Spanish. She works for the Association of College Unions International as a Merchandise Assistant.

At her job, Hayley works on her active listening, communication, instruction, organization, and a few other skills.  But most importantly, she is working on her adaptability.

“I have learned how to take instruction and effectively utilize it in my work.”

So as you can see, Hayley is learning a lot but she also enjoys her job. She loves the people she works with and honestly enjoys being able to help out.

While Hayley is only a freshman, she’s got big plans for her future. Her dream job is “to be an occupational therapist … travelling around the world advocating for children with disabilities.” But in her more immediate future, she sees herself having a successful career, living in the city in a cozy apartment, with a cute dog.

Who doesn’t want a cute dog? We know we do, and we’re sure Hayley will make it around the world quite a few times. Good luck!