Working Wednesday: Jillian Osheroff

Working Wednesday: Jillian Osheroff

Freshman Jillian Osheroff has got it all figured out. She’s a pre-media major and she’s already got a part-time job working for the Helene G. Simon Hillel Center in their office and kitchen.

While working there, Jillian is improving and refining her active listening and multi-tasking skills.

“Active listening,” she says, “always seems to be overlooked,” despite its importance to proper preparation and work. Plus her multi-tasking is being sharpened because of her high level of involvement.

Jillian enjoys working for Hillel because she loves giving back to her community and it gives her a sense of purpose.

After graduation, Jillian wants to work in advertising but also wants to write.

Good luck, Jillian! We can’t wait to see how your career unfolds!