Working Wednesday: Kayla Kocal

Working Wednesday: Kayla Kocal

IU, we’d like to introduce you to Sophomore Kayla Kocal. She’s double majoring in Finance and Real Estate AND on top of all that, she’s got an internship!

Kayla works for DistinXion, A Zeller Family Program as a Junior Leader. Her job entails lots of teamwork, personal motivation (because it’s a volunteer based job), and multi-tasking. The number of projects Kayla works on is incredible, and she also makes time to help her colleagues out, too.

“The staff dynamic at DistinXion is amazing,” Kayla tells us. She says her co-workers have become a work family and they make going to work enjoyable.

But Kayla doesn’t plan on staying with DistinXion forever. After graduation, Kayla sees herself moving to a city and having a job which allows her to travel. But for a bigger picture plan, she dreams of being the CFO of Nike. She’ll get there through hard work and determination and being herself!

We can’t wait to see what you have planned for the financial world, Kayla! Good luck!