Working Wednesday: Kyle Estepa

Working Wednesday: Kyle Estepa


Think computers and science don’t go together? Think again, ‘cause Kyle Estepa is proving you wrong. He’s a junior here at IUB, majoring in Informatics and minoring in business. Not to mention that he’s also a CDC employee as one of our Career Peers!

As a Career Peer, Kyle is building on his teamwork, communication, active listening, and many other valuable skill sets.

He’s improving his teamwork skills because, as a Career Peer, you have to function on your own but also with other Peers. His active listening plays a crucial role in helping students who come in for advice and it’ll ensure that his future clients and colleagues are understood. As for his communication side of things, Kyle’s ability to effectively communicate will help him present and inform others in his future workplace.

And while Kyle could go on listing everything he’s gaining at his part-time job, it’s important to note that he also enjoys it!

“Being a career peer … [what] I like the most is having the opportunity to help others on a daily basis. People come in at drop-in advising not knowing what to do … but helping them make the first step in the right direction is something I look forward to!”

He hopes to continue doing what he likes after graduation and is aiming towards going into big data. This innovative field is always changing, but we’re pretty sure that we’ll see his name in big places down the line.

Good luck, Kyle!