Working Wednesday: Lilly Donahue

Working Wednesday: Lilly Donahue

Hoosiers, this is Lilly Donahue. Lilly Donahue, these are the Hoosiers.

Lilly is a freshman studying International Studies and she’s working for the Center of the Study of the Middle East (CSME).

In her job as an hourly assistant Lilly is working to improve her organizational, interpersonal, and project management skills. In her own words, she’s learning “a lot about project management” because at CSME the staff plans all events. Also, her duties include management of both the center’s email and website so organization is a must. Finally, Lilly’s interpersonal skills have developed through interactions over email, on the phone, and in person!

It’s true Lilly is gaining valuable transferable skills, but she is also having a good time working.

“What I really enjoy about CSME is the ability to provide input on our events. Our director is happy to listen to what staffers propose for possible events … This allows me to help put on events about topics I am passionate about.”

The experience Lilly is getting from her job and her studies are preparing her for her dream job: President of the United States of America. She’s always been interested in politics and being POTUS would be incredible. Before she steps into the Oval, though, Lilly plans on starting small by running for office or working in a government department. In the more immediate future, Lilly wants to go to grad or law school then moving to DC, after she graduates.

We can’t wait to see your name on the ticket, Lilly! Good luck!