Working Wednesday: Ryan Kovacik

Working Wednesday: Ryan Kovacik

Hoosiers, meet a fellow student and member of the IUPD: Ryan Kovacik!

He’s a freshman studying Human Resource and Management, but when he isn’t studying his textbooks, he’s out on the street learning how to keep us safe.

While on the job, Ryan is working on nearly every transferable skill in the books: teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, active listening, communication, personal development, complex problem solving, multi-tasking, social perceptiveness, interpersonal skills, planning, and MANY more.

Ryan explains why he chose every skill: “In the field of law enforcement, you really do develop and refine those skills every time you go to work. I have to take control of chaos, get people to communicate with me, be aware of my surroundings, keep myself motivated and squared away, and always remain professional.” So as you can see, there’s much more to being an IUPD cadet than just patrolling our campus.

Hands down, no buts about it, Ryan loves his job because he loves helping people.

“No other campus job allows me to go out and ensure the community’s safety and well-being quite like the IUPD.”

One day, Ryan would like to work for the FBI or maybe even Immigration and Customs Enforcement! But more immediately, after he graduates, Ryan sees himself working for a small police department until his time with a federal agency comes.

Thank you for all you do, Ryan! We have no doubt that someone of your passion and abilities will do great things!